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What is Boeing Tracker?

RS Metrics Boeing Tracker is a custom event driven monitoring product which focuses on the activity and production at Boeing factory sites. Insights generated from Boeing Tracker help investors and PMs' to optimize their investment strategies. 

Locations Covered

  • Renton Factory, WA
  • Everett Factory, WA
  • Carolina Factory, SC

Renton Factory, WA - Demo

  • Here we walk you through on the methodology of how we process imagery and gain insights

Employee Vehicles - Boeing S1 Parking Lot

Commercial Flights

Adjacent Airport

For in-depth Discussions Contact:

Kirti Khanduja 

+1 (917) 477 7004

The above references and opinions are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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Q: What locations are you covering?

A: Renton Factory, WA | Everett Factory, WA | Carolina Factory, SC


Q: Will you make any adjustments for recent job cuts in the data?

A: There are no adjustments needed. The dataset has a few years of historical data as a baseline


Q: Will you capture the tail number of the aircraft?

A: We do differentiate between different types of aircraft, but do not collect any tail numbers


Q: Will you do anything for the defense side of the business?

A: We can cover other locations on request, including their defense focused locations