RS Metrics HazardSignals lets P&C insurers request satellite imagery and generate time-series measurements and indices over any location both historical and going forward to assess damage.

HazardSignals Process:

After an event or claim, HazardSignals allows you to:
  • Define 1 or 1000s of monitored areas on request 24/7
  • Acquire recent and historical satellite imagery
  • Measure and assess change for 1 or more locations (like a flood or building damage)
  • Optionally continue with ongoing satellite monitoring and measurement.

Train Derailment - BHP Port Hedland

RS Metrics delivered near daily updates over the next 14 days with stockpile measurements and verification of the resumption of train operations.

Train Derailment - BHP Port Hedland_1_090120
Train Derailment - BHP Port Hedland_2_090120

Factory Fire - Hynix Semiconductor Factory

Factory Fire - Hynix Semiconductor Factory_1_090120
Factory Fire - Hynix Semiconductor Factory_2_090120
Factory Fire - Hynix Semiconductor Factory_3_090120
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